I am Freak Scientist , a great Science Freak / Researcher / Explorer / Inventor.

Science is just something i can’t live without, whatever field is it in science always amazes me.

Science is the daily basis of our lifestyle, we all live within our technological , biological etc. environment and its what we are – the HUMANS ( the carbon based lifeform ) .

What amazes me the most are the depths of the science and their explanations, why something happens ? , what causes it ? , should it be prevented or taken care of ? , can it be of any use to us? . Thats the world actually within which we live , we try finding those things , try developing and inventing such things which amazes us.

Science is fun , its freaky, it’s our Lifestyle – it’s Us.

Aliens , creatures , animals , microorganisms , life forms , technologies , machines , gadgets , outer-space and our mother Earth = Science covers it all.

As the great Albert Einstein said – “A person who never made a mistake , Never tried anything new” and “The true sign of Intelligence is not Knowledge but Imagination”, and science opens those aspects for us at every step at every moment , all we have to do is imagine and use the famous “Thought Experiments” proposed by Einstein himself.

Besides Scientific studies am really fond of – Freelance Photography , Painting , Music (Singing/Composing/Listening) , and Gathering knowledge related to Computers and Gadgets.

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